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22 April 2011 | 5:38 PM | 0 comments
(Talking to the Moon)

I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back

My neighbors think I'm crazy
But they don't understand
You all I have
You all I have

At night when the star
Light on my room
I sit by myself

Talking to the moon try'in to get to you
In hopes you're on the other side talking to me too
Oh, am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon

I'm feeling like I'm famous
The talk of the town
They say I've gone mad
Yeah, I've gone mad

But they don't know what I know
' Cause when the sun goes down
Someone's talking back
Yeah, they're talking back

Do you ever hear me calling?

I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away

for sure , credit to : my dearest boyfriend , Capital B (:

my dear , thanks for make me happy , make my life full of love (:
even , we fighting each other , we hurt each other , but , my love towards you still the same.
no more , no less , hee :D

but ! even i'm in love with you , i already forgive your mistake , it doesn't mean that you still can do the same STUPID things !
*sori sayang gune bahase kasar pulak :p

oke oke ! i know , i also make the STUPID things , it is fair right ? hee (:
wateve we do , we say , my heart still for you , and for sure , your heart only for me (:
hahaha , *poyoo gilee aku nih -,-
BI da laa failed , nk gark speaking , lenjan jekk (:

and now ! i want you to know this things !

~ i love you more than you love me .
~ you are my everything .
~ if you are not love me anymore , just let me know , oke ? because , i don't want 'bertepuk sebelah tangan' hahaha ^^
~ but , if you make the STUPID things again , i'm sorry yaa . i have to go (:

bytheway , happy anniversary 2years 7months , sweetheart ♥ (:
ineedyou , iwantyou , imissyou , and the lastly , iloveyou ♥ (:

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I love to walk in rain, because no one knows that I was crying :')

Since you first time enter this website , I really really appreciate . Hope you all enjoy and like :) eventhough I know my story that's was not so good and my language was so bad -.-
Bytheway , you have come to Fadhlina's home and thak you so much :) nice to know you all , see you soon !

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