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30 January 2011 | 9:14 PM | 2 comments

this statement credit to : (capital B / M.N.T)

sayangg , what happen about our relationship ?
kenapee jdi cm ni ? kenapee kite da tk mcm dulu ek yunk ?
aku taw , yg kau pon taw aku sygg kn kauu , kn ?
tpi , hmm . susah utk aku terangkn ..

dear , i've sincerely loved you . i closed my heart for loving someone else .
are you sure , you want to leave me , after , all the happiness , we shared together ?
all the saddness we cry together , all the memories , when you are with me ?
i know , deep inside your heart , you wanna be with me forever , right ?
don't lie to me , but . why you treated me like thiss ?

oh my heart , pliz , understand me :'(

Perfect Two - Auburn

You can be the peanut butter to my jelly
You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly
You can be the captain and I can be your first mate
You can be the chills that I feel on our first date

You can be the hero and I can be your side kick
You can be the tear that I cry if we ever split
You can be the rain from the cloud when it's stormin'
Or you can be the sun when it shines in the mornin'

Don't know if I could ever be
Without you cause boy you complete me
And in time I know that we'll both see
That we're all we need

Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry

Cause your the one for me for me
And I'm the one for you for you
You take the both of us of us
And we're the perfect t

We're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
Baby me and you
We're the perfect two

You can be the prince and I can be your princess
You can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist
You can be the shoes and I can be the laces
You can be the heart that I spill on the pages

You can be the vodka and I can be the chaser
You can be the pencil and I can be the paper
You can be as cold as the winter weather
But I don't care as long as we're together

You know that I'll never doubt ya
And you know that I think about ya
And you know I can't live without ya

I love the way that you smile
And maybe in just a while
I can see me walk down the aisle

sayangg , seriously , aku tk kuat utk hadapi dugaan ini . aku tk dpt trime ape yg daa brlaku skunk ni .
perlu kew aku menangez setelah sume ini brlaku ?
perlu kew aku minte simpati org laen ?
hmm .

Fadhlina ! stop it cryingg laa ! no cry for LAKI !
you must be stronggg !
yeahh ! Liena stronggg !! :')

iny : ineedyou
iwy : iwantyou
imy : imissyou
ily : iloveyou

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I love to walk in rain, because no one knows that I was crying :')

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